Selected works


Palazzo Orlandi

Contemporary residence in antique palace: restoration of the building

Box House

Three hundred ballot boxes to turn an ex-carpentry into a spacious loft

Penthouse Loft

Recovery with transformation into open-space loft of attics and kitchen spaces of an eighteenth-century buiding.

Black and White House

Black and white interior design for an ex-monastery

San Domenico Apartment

Recovery of a little apartment overlooking San Domenico Square, in the Prato city centre.

Tiles House

In a 19th century house an apartment full of light, where classicism and modernity perfectly match, thanks also to the beauty of original cement tiles.

S. Lucia Countryhouse

Recovery of antique farmhouse in Tuscan hills

Vintage Home

Domestic object design: converting a home through unusual objects

High Heel Farm

Old tuscan country-house renovation

Family House

Renovation and transformation ino loft of a single family apartment in Prato

Rublevka City

Sustainable cottage for an high end urbanization in Moscow.

Rock Farm

An ancient farm on a rock hill; a work in progress house recovering, in the coutryside near of Pistoia.

Swiss Open Apartment

Renovation and transformation into loft of a single family apartment in Lugano

Brocante House

Recovery of small 20th century building for a collector

Villa Orsini Apartment

Renovation of apartment in historical villa in florentines hills

Industrial Recovery Loft

Recovery of industrial space turned into loft

Classical House

Restructuring of a 30s' mansion

Villa Forte dei Marmi

Re-architecture applied to a single family vacation villa in Forte dei Marmi

Firenze Lofts

Recovery and transformation of an historical building in Florence downtown

Loft Imperatore

Recovery of textile warehouse in historical center and carrying out of 5 loft

Mini Loft

Renovation of a small textile store into a residence with garden

Cottage Re-architecture

Renovation and re-design for a single family cottage in Tuscany

Valchiusella cottage

"Grafting" architecture on a mountain cottage ruins